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There are currently ... stud dogs listed. These dogs are all over 12 months old and are are available for stud service. Match the perfect stud dog with your dam / bitch for the next time it's in heat. Owners may charge a stud fee or a pick of a puppy from a litter, or both. Also check out our list of IKC registered stud dogs .

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Utilising a stud dog to sire the next litter is a strategic decision that can significantly enhance the quality, health, and pedigree of the offspring. A proven stud dog, with a well-documented lineage and exceptional traits, can pass on his superior genetics to the puppies, ensuring they inherit his desirable characteristics such as temperament, appearance, and health. This not only increases the value of the litter but also contributes to the betterment of the breed. Additionally, using a stud dog can introduce new bloodlines into a breeding program, promoting genetic diversity and reducing the risk of hereditary diseases. Therefore, choosing a stud dog is a wise investment for breeders aiming for excellence in their litters.

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